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Note from the author, Elaine Walsh

This blog will feature my experiences and take on the digital journey for small business in Ireland, based on over thirty years working in technology plus over ten years as a small business owner myself.  All factual information is correct at the time of writing. All opinions are my own to agree or disagree with as you please. There are many ways to approach digital. There is no one-size fits all. However, mainly I hope this blog will provide some help for small business owners struggling to get to grips with the digital platforms required to run a business in the twenty first century and the digital dilemmas they may encounter along the way.

Update plugins? Why?

Update plugins? Why?

Update plugins? Why? Improve Security, Reduce Vulnerability, Enhance Performance In thirty years (yikes!) of working with software of all kinds, I have yet to find a piece of code that does not require a “fix” of some description when it is put in to use in the real...